Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quidditch Sweater for A Crafty Daughter

I promised my daughter a Quidditch sweater to wear to "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," and I delivered it just in the nick of time. I wove in the last yarn end about three hours before we left for the movie. And true to her word, Crafty Daughter wore the sweater to the movie, despite the sweltering summer heat. Here it is:

The pattern is from Charmed Knits, by Alison Hansel. I adjusted the size to halfway between the small and medium. I made one other modification, as well -- I knit the sleeves in 2x2 ribbing throughout, rather than doing a 1x1 ribbing at the cuffs as called for by the pattern.

The yarn is the huggably soft Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. The red is aran weight, color #611, and the yellow is DK weight, color #12. The yellow wasn't available in aran, so I had to mix two different gauge yarns to get the perfect Gryffindor color combination. I knit a swatch first to see if they were compatible, and was very happy to find that the combination worked beautifully.

The sweater is scheduled for its next wearing at the Harry Potter 7 release party this Friday night -- I hope Borders is very well air-conditioned!