Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Stitch Markers -- posted at last

A few weeks ago, I made some stitch markers for my Secret Pal from the Knitty board Spring Fling. I decided not to post a photo here until she had received them, to be sure she didn't stumble across the photo before the package arrived. Well, the post office sent the package into limbo for nearly three weeks, eventually returning it to me a couple of days ago with my flawlessly correct address overwritten with an incorrect one. In the meantime, though, I made her another set, and at long last, they've been delivered. So here's the photo I've been waiting to post:

It was the Secret Pal exchange that inspired me to design a set of stitch markers -- I'd never made any before, but thought it would be fun to combine two hobbies, knitting and jewelry making. The markers are made of printed paper set into sterling silver bezels, and coated with clear resin. They hang from the needles on sterling silver split rings. Here's another set that I made for myself:


Queen Frogger said...

Thay are great stitch markers! Glad your secret pal got them in the end.

pixieriot said...

Oh my goodness, those are so funky! THe circles of colour are so very retro. Nice job!

pixieriot said...

are they made with an image stuck to the back of glass? if so, what did you use to stick the image safely and securely to the glass?

i'm just thinking i'd love to make some magnets like that. :-)

Penny Karma said...

Those are so COOL!