Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My first corespun yarns

Still high on inspiration from Camp Pluckyfluff, I pulled out some beautifully dyed locks this week to try some core spinning. What fun! I used a commercial mohair yarn for the cores -- the fuzziness of the mohair grips onto the wrapping fiber really easily. On Monday, I took out some cotswold locks from HollyEQQ, in a colorway called "pixie meadowbrite," and made this:

I liked the results so much that on Tuesday, I took out some more cotswold locks -- this time from Homestead Wool, in a colorway called "hydrangea," and spun up 50 yards of this:

I suppose that one of these days I should try knitting up some of these handspun yarns, but for now I'm having so much fun making them that it's interfering with my knitting projects!

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