Monday, September 22, 2008

Some sewing projects I've finally photographed

I finished sewing these weeks ago, but somehow kept forgetting to photograph them. So here's more from Alabama Stitch -- the Rose Applique Shawl, and beaded applique skirt:

The skirt was made from a kit that I mail-ordered from Alabama Stitch. The pieces were cut out and stencilled, and the kit included all the thread and beads that you need.

2 comments: said...

All of your projects are beautiful. I'm especially interested in the ones from Alabama Stitch Book as I was the book's editor and I am also working on a few of these projects. Have you posted yours on the Flickr?

Cheryl said...

I have this book and I have wanted to tackle this project, sans the kit, yours looks wonderful and very inspirational. I was just on the Alabama web site and they have a picture of a shrug that I want to make.

The scarf is also beautiful!