Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Too Darn Hot!

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend, and it's just too darn hot! Forecast was for 88 degrees today, and it felt like it got there by 11 am. Scarcely an ounce of wool to be seen actually being worn in this weather. But the heat didn't seem to keep anyone away.

And it certainly didn't diminish the desire to buy wool! So much gorgeous fiber in one place, so hard to resist taking home far too much of it. But I'm in the midst of reorganizing my craft room, so I recently had to come face to face with the size of my stash...and there was just no way I could possibly bring home more than a token amount of fiber. I was actually quite restrained -- aside from a lazy kate, this is all I bought.

A glass shawl pin from Moving Mud, some malabrigo sock yarn for a Daybreak shawl, some BFL spinning fiber from Three Waters Farm, a little batt of cashmere/silk/baby camel from Faerie Mountain Fibers (who could have resisted?), and some gift cards that say “I made this. I expect to see you wearing it.”

I also came home with a new project for my queue -- the Nancy & Judy shawl, which I saw being modelled by the designer. Can't wait to start one, but I really ought to finish at least one of the three other projects I've already got going.

I finally got myself a pocket-sized digital camera, so this year I took photos at the festival for the first time. Naturally, cute, cuddly lambs had to be captured.

And some Blue-Faced Leicesters, since I'm so fond of their wool for spinning.

And what's up with this one ... is she getting a pedicure?!?

Two years ago, I bought my first Loop batt at Md S&W at the Cloverhill booth, and now Steph has a booth of her own. I wanted to bring home bagfuls of her fiber, but had to resist. Maybe next year, though ...


Kathleen said...

I can just hear you saying that line from the card! :) What a great find.

Fujiyamamama said...

I hope you had lots of sunscreen, and cold drinks to deal with the heat and sun!